The world’s largest mobile telecommunication exhibition held every year in Barcelona, Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, ​​is less than a month away. The top smartphone companies, Samsung Electronics and Apple are participating as well as domestic small and medium-sized companies with exceptional technology.

MWC is a major exhibition for the smartphone technology makers and telcos, but it is also important for small and medium IT enterprises. It is the best opportunity to showcase their technology as much as the experts in the mobile industry gather around the world. Also, many business deals come made through the event. This year, KOTRA will also support the participation of domestic companies by providing Korea Pavilion. s have gradually become a necessity, and related security companies and IoT companies are very visible.

ICTK, which also participated in CES last month, also exhibits Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) technology in MWC. This technology utilizes the minute differences that occur in the semiconductor manufacturing process, making it impossible to replicate by inserting security values ​​unique to each chip. ICTK has already been recognized internationally for its technology. It won the Digital Identity Innovation Award at the 5th Smart Security Week 2016 held last year in France.

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